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Careers at AkimboCore

We don't currently have any open positions, but we're growing quickly as a company! If you'd like to be considered for future posts or think you can bring something to the team that we haven't even thought to ask for yet - then get in touch!

Our Recruitment Process

Step One: Let's have a chat

Before we start the formal interview process, we love to have an informal chat with candidates, to see what they're looking for, to allow them to ask questions about the company, and to talk about the spaces we have in the team.

Step Two: Technical Assessment

We're a cybersecurity company so we need candidates who are passionate and knowledgeable about common security risks. We also need candidates to have some simple coding skills, to be able to automate vulnerability exploitation.

Our technical assessment is designed to grade a candidates experience with finding and automating the exploitation of common vulnerabilities.

The technical assessment is simply a vulnerable application and candidates are asked to assess the system. It's not a capture the flag where you have to exploit x number of vulnerabilities - we care more about how you approach the challenge, how you communicate your findings, and your understanding of the security vulnerabilities you find.

Step Three: That's it!

We know some companies like to drag these things out with multiple tiers of interviews, assessment days, and worse. We like to keep things straight forward and transparent.